Lucille Greeff tells her amazing Vision fast story to friends, family and viewers. Join her on a journey of a life time as she tells her story of adventure in our beautiful mountains of Cape town. 

The Vision Fast is a modern day wilderness rite of passage. It engages one’s entire being, requiring each participant to strongly claim their whole self. The next Vision Fast that you can join takes place from 19-29 November 2020.

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A Call To Quest - Gentlespirit · September 4, 2021 at 16:52

[…] As we move closer to the quest, Lucille, together with a group of global guides, will be questing from 1-5 October 2021 in the Groot Winterhoek. This forms part of the annual Catch Ball Fast for guides and supports our listening into nature. The fast in 2020 was incredibly meaningful to all the participants, from Siberia to South Africa and we look forward to this time on the land. If you want to connect to the 2020 story, you can listen to this podcast: […]

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