Global Fast for Vision Fast Guides

Lucille and Bukelwa will be participating in the global Earthlink fast during early September 2020. This fast brings together experienced rites of passage and vision fast facilitators in shared intention across the continents to look, listen, and learn with the Earth.


As we prepare to fast and hold space in a month’s time, we have been asking ourselves how we listen to the Earth. Usually we cry for our own personal visions, we go to the mountain and fast for ourselves and our people. This fast is different, as we will be fasting in spite of ourselves, to hear the earth and be a link to humanity through the ancient ritual of being on the land.


What a time to be doing this… there is so much moving in the world, so much change and grief and uncertainty and clearing of our way of being in the world.


We are a group of 6 fasters and 6 base camp holders in South Africa that form part of this collective initiative and we look forward to bringing our listening back.


We encourage you to also spend some time between 30 August and 4 September 2020 listening to the Earth. Find your own way to spend time in nature or light a candle or hold the sacred the intention of this collective. What do you hear? What is the Earth telling us as humans? What do we need to do now that we’ve heard?


For the Earthlink group, part of the sacred intention of this time is to:

  • return with any emerging story, messages, insights and visions that appear as a result of this listening and learning from Earth
  • offer something back – ceremonies of gratitude, prayers, grief, commitments, songs, poems, stories; both to the Earth and in return to our people, place etc.
  • make something of it beyond the individuals involved, weaving an emerging story from the collective experience
  • raise awareness of the benefits of fasting, not only for individuals but with mindfulness in general in tempering consumption and as a capacity for global co-operation toward raising consciousness
  • collectively find out what this is while knowing that simply doing it is enough


‘We are the Earth Walking’ a term for the faster, acting as both a tiny point of being in the circle of life and taking the time to sit on the cushion of the world soul and living that reality for four days.



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