Covid-19 has impacted all of us and predicting what the future holds is difficult. None of us know at this stage how 2020 will turn out and where the world will be at in November 2020 when our Vision Quest is scheduled. At the same time, this pandemic is igniting a global process of renewal, transition and change. Many of us are feeling the reverberation of this in our own lives.

The metaphors we use to think about the pandemic are powerful and formative. Some have suggested that this time may be humanities calling to transform (see this beautiful article:


If you are hearing the call to do a Vision Quest during this time, you may be tapping into this collective transformation process. It is indeed a very powerful time to participate in a rite of passage.


We would like to invite you to honour and set your intention to participate in a Vision Quest in the following ways:

  • Make a booking for November 2020. We are not asking for any deposits until we know whether it will be safe and possible to host a Vision Quest later in the year.
  • This will start the journey towards the Vision Quest and your preparation and will support the global rite of passage we are already in.

We will make a call in September as to whether it is possible and advisable to host the Vision Quest this year. AND we are calling the group together for this time, despite the uncertainty. When the next Vision Quest takes place, we will take all the necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of participants, as we always do.

Given the nature of the Vision Quest, this is definitely made easier by the fact that your mountain time is a time of solitude. Call or email us if you have further questions about the process and how we ensure health and safety during this time.


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