May my bamboo spine be warrior straight yet yielding in the storm to come

May my red hands hold close and safe the people I love while working for the preservation of the land

May my skin be a forest as my contribution grows a canopy that covers so much more than the carbon footprint of this life

May my eyes hold steady beyond the horizon of despair and the shame of what we are doing

May I keep witnessing even when the pain of looking overwhelms me

May my hair be woven into a basket of belonging as the structures of the old world disintegrate around us

May the soles of my feet harden as the ancestors remind us what it takes to cross the high mountains into an unknown and broken future

May my breath serve all creatures a gentle breeze that holds the birds as they spiral beyond the human grasp

May my whole heart crack open and remain beating a strong pulse that stands with all life

For as long as well all, Mother Earth, Father Sky earth, rocks creatures, plants and elements

For as long as the circle of home – our divinity – for as long as we all remain…


By Lucille Greeff.

Prayer In Preparation


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