She dives into a pool

brings back the red stone of the west

it is a smaller version of the red earth egg

that finds and returns with me.


He is followed by the woodpecker

I am followed by the sunbird


I lie on the rock and wonder

about the start of the stream

it is close, I could go find it –

I know I don’t need to


She follows the stream in search of its origin…


She steps over many puddles and seeps

finding their way onto the land…

there is no Source

only the coming together of the many

small starts giving birth to the collective




He is done with the serious business of the sacred

he laughs

the rock laughs

she laughs

Pan and the wolf implore and laugh

as they dance wildly around the fire in the forest


We laugh until our bellies ache

coyote drinks his fill

and smiles


We see Orion rise

thousands of miles apart


We fall in love again

We fall in love with the land

We step into the unknown

and find intimacy waiting patiently

land as lover

a shared love beyond possession


We all speak with the bees


We all cry with the machines


We all pause

and grieve

and despair

and rage


We come up for air

our broken hearts

assured and held

by the love of the Earth Mother


We listen and weave


We are transformed


The earth listens and weaves


Everything is always changing…

By Lucille Greeff

Categories: Poem


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